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Why Choose Oakland

At Oakland we thrive to bring a product to our customers that is pure and directly from the source. We do not believe in the middle man theory that ultimately lies with in the hands of the consumer.

We are local

At Oakland we believe in our employees, this is what drives us forward.

We believe in our people

At Oakland we believe in our employees, this is what drives us forward. Employees that work for themselves. Respect, integrity and family is what Oakland was build on.

we support local farmers

By only buying local milk from our farmers we support not only the South African Agriculture Industries but local communities as well.

Good to the environment

Oakland believes in a waste free business principal.
No waste gets thrown away.

Plastic = Bio Diesel

Used plastic milk bottles, bags, plastic milk sachets and all plastic containers are turned into Biodiesel to power the Milk plant.

Our Milk is great

We take care of our farmers, our people and environment. This makes Oakland different, unique. No added preservatives, organic local milk.

Why we are different

Oakland’s origins have no splendid birth had events and was only an offshoot of a young farmer in the Darling district decided to throw off the yoke of milk buyers of his family’s shoulders and the family farm, New Post’s milk themselves package and distribute. It was a difficult road, harder than ever expected, but with much grace of God and hard work by Ian van Niekerk with his parents Andre & Joan van Niekerk his wife Linda and farmers Gustav, Bakkels and Jerico de Lillie and made it work.

This, however, only worsened before it became better and they had to sell their livestock to pay all expenses and milk bought. Mr Gert Steyn Wolwefontein, Darling was the first farmer who agreed to deliver to Oakland milk. Ian says that there were many dark days but not without grace. Oakland would also like to thank Mr Rashied Haneken of Multiscore who was their first customer, The Bandeker brothers of the Elite group that has supported him until now, Uncle Daan Stemmet of Parow Mark and many others who helped Oakland.

Ian’s parents and Gustav de Lillie is already deceased but he will never forget that what they did to make possible.

See what we do

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