Proudly local

Oakland Dairy produces quality products

We care about our farmers and about every milk moustache at the breakfast table.

When you buy Oakland Milk you are not helping a CEO to buy his third fancy car. You are helping a mom and dad put food on the table.

Our Story

Oakland Dairy was born out of passion for local produce and is driven to provide South Africans with quality dairy products across the Western Cape.

Ian van Niekerk has been on a mission to ensure his community received the best quality dairy products at the best possible price. In November 2000, he transformed his passion, expertise, and mission into a fully-fledged nutrition, health, and wellness company called Oakland Dairy.

Based in the Western Cape, our local dairy farmers work around the clock to provide us with the very best, fresh local produce every day.

Oakland Dairy aims to celebrate local dairy farmers’ hard work and dedication by supporting as many of them as possible. On any one day, we buy between 90 000 and 100 000 litres of milk from six different dairy farms in the Western Cape alone. We work with a huge network of like-minded professionals that care about our community, and nutrition.

Oakland Dairy has a reputation for producing high-quality products. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that all our Oakland-branded products, which include milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, and butter are processed using only the finest quality ingredients and under strict quality controls.

We pride ourselves in our cutting-edge practices and industry-firsts.

Our operations have grown leaps and bounds in the last twenty years, and we are especially proud to have held our ground against much larger commercial organisations. We are excited about the legacy we have created and look forward to growing into a trusted brand across South Africa.  

Quality products from quality ingredients

All our products are manufactured using only the best ingredients.

We pride ourselves on our operational excellence, technological innovations and continual research into producing dairy products of the highest standards possible.

We care about our community

Everyone who works for us, and with us, is part of the Oakland family. We are driven to empower the dairy sector and develop the community with practical skills. We believe that to skill someone is to invest in their future, and that of their families. Giving back with purpose is more sustainable in the long run.

At Oakland, you don’t just buy a bottle of milk. Instead, you help contribute towards a whole ecosystem – from making sure local farmers are fairly compensated to ensuring that our agricultural sector is well sustained for future generations.

Why choose Oakland?

We are local

We care about our surrounding communities. As such, we are involved in numerous upliftment projects around the peninsula.

We support local farmers

By only buying milk from our local farmers we support both the South African Agriculture Industries and local communities.

We are for the people

At Oakland we believe in our employees. People ask what drives us? Employees who take pride in their work, respect, integrity and family is what Oakland is built on.

Good to the environment

Oakland believes in a waste free business principal.

Nothing is wasted.

Plastic = Bio Diesel

We recycle all our used plastic milk bottles, sachets and containers. Plans to turn them into Biodiesel to power the Milk plant are in motion.

Our Milk is great

Our processes are meticulous, ensuring that you always get the freshest, tastiest milk on the breakfast table.