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Oakland Milk is not just about milk. We care about our farmers and about every milk moustache at the breakfast table.

When you buy Oakland Milk you are not helping a CEO to buy his third fancy car. You are helping a mom and dad put food on the table.


Why Choose Oakland

It is impossible to pinpoint only one aspect that sets us apart. Our heart, our love for dairy, our relationship with our farmers, our overall attitude and outlook  and all the unique aspects of Oakland makes us the favoured alternative in dairy suppliers.

We are local

We care about our surrounding communities.  As such, we are involved in numerous upliftment projects around the peninsula.

We believe in our people

At Oakland we believe in our employees. People ask what drives us? Employees who take pride in their work, respect, integrity and family is what Oakland is built on.

we support local farmers

By only buying milk from our local farmers we support both the South African Agriculture Industries and local communities.

Good to the environment

  Oakland believes in a waste free business principal.  Nothing is wasted.

Plastic = Bio Diesel

We recycle all our used plastic milk bottles, sachets and containers. Plans to turn them into Biodiesel to power the Milk plant are in motion.

Our Milk is great

Our processes are meticulous, ensuring that you always get the freshest, tastiest milk on the breakfast table.

our story

Oakland’s origins have no splendid birth and was only an offshoot of a young farmer, Ian van Niekerk in the Darling district that decided to throw off the yoke of milk buyers of his family’s shoulders and the family farm.

They packaged and distributed the milk themselves.  The Oakland name is derived from “Oak-People” who would be associated with Pillars of strength and righteousness(2 Sam 18:9). Ian’s dream was to have a land full of Oaks to support his dream.

It was a difficult road, sad and harder than ever expected, but with the grace of God, hard work by Ian and with the support of his parents, Andre & Johanna van Niekerk, farmhands Gustav, Bakkels, Daniel and Jerico de Lillie and made it work.

Circumstances however worsened before it became better and they had to sell their livestock to pay all expenses.

Mr Gert Steyn of Wolwefontein, Darling, was the first farmer who agreed to supply milk on a permanent basis to Oakland.
Ian says that there were many dark days and it cost him his marriage, because he had too little time to be with his family, but it wasn’t all without grace.

Today he wishes to thank the people who stayed loyal during good and bad times.
Oakland would also like to thank Mr. Rashied Haneken of Multiscore who was their first customer and the Bandeker brothers of the Elite group, who still supports him today. He also gives thanks unto God and the Team @ Oakland who are the heart of the company.

Ian’s parents and Gustav de Lillie are already deceased, but he will never forget their selfless contributions that made all of this possible…

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